Tree Channel Partner Program: More Partners, More Trees!

Hong Kong, May 1, 2019–  EcoMatcher is proudly introducing its Tree Channel Partner (TCP) program. The TCP program enables certified Partners to offer trees to their clients and use EcoMatcher’s digital platform to fully customize the tree offerings for their clients. Trees can be used for corporate gifting, reward and loyalty programs.

“We are proud to launch the TCP program for Channel Partners, an important moment for Mother Earth”, says Bas Fransen, CEO of EcoMatcher. “With hopefully many Partners, we can involve many more companies with innovative and transparent ways in planting trees. Once certified, the Partners will be able to make margin on every tree sold. As EcoMatcher’s products (trees!) and services are all digital, Partners are not confronted with customization, shipping and storage costs, all significant and polluting in case of physical products. Moreover, we are able to offer the clients through our Partners amazing digital customization possibilities, making the potential impact of e.g. a tree gifting initiative so much bigger. Everybody wins: the clients, the Partners, our tree planting partners and last but not least, Mother Earth.” 

For more information, please contact Bas Fransen at