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Once you order a forest with a minimum of 1000 trees, EcoMatcher will work with its vetted and trusted tree planting partners and will plant your forest. Every tree of that forest will be captured with EcoMatcher’s TreeCorder technology and will be available for you to use through the EcoMatcher platform.


Your stakeholders can visit their trees of your forest, and can see not only can see their own trees, but now can also see the rest of the forest their trees belong to.


Your forest will be planted in the area you have selected.


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How it works

Once you have purchased the trees, you can immediately do the following:
  • Look at all the trees and the farmers who planted the trees.
  • Start gifting using numerous tools, see below some examples:

Create and send custom emails linked to trees.


Download an Excel spreadsheet containing tree links.

QR Code

Generate QR codes linked to your trees.


Design TreeCards (7*5 inch) with QR codes linked to trees.