Forest 2.0: Planting Your Own Forest is Now Easy and Cool

Hong Kong, July 16, 2019 – EcoMatcher is stepping up its offering of planting a forest, making planting a forest cool.

When a company decides to plant a forest1 with EcoMatcher, the company will have access to all details from all trees in that forest. The company can decide to gift the trees as a gift or reward to whoever they want – whether its for their customers or their employees, a.k.a. the “tree recipients”. 

Launching today:

  • Tree recipients not only can see their own trees, but now can also see the rest of the forest their trees belong to, by simply selecting the “Forest” button in TreeTracker. In a matter of seconds, trees from that entire forest will be plotted on the map. Seeing the complete forest not only will give tree recipients a better understanding of where his or her trees are located in that forest but also will give a greater sense of belonging.
Example: by selecting Forest button, the tree recipient will see other forest trees
(for this example we kept forest small)
  • The Forest button can be customised, so the company owning the forest can e.g. give their forest a name
  • Through drone technology, EcoMatcher is able to give regular updates on the forest2, so companies can keep their stakeholders informed on the impact they have made. 
  • Last but not least, EcoMatcher can now also offer companies the possibility of showing their forest in their website, e.g. under the section CSR or sustainability. 

“By offering the next level of featuring in planting a forest, hopefully more companies will decide to participate in combating climate change, while helping their business at the same time; planting a forest is now cool”, said Bas Fransen, CEO of EcoMatcher. 

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  1. A forest consists of a minimum of 1000 trees.
  2. Drone shots are charged separately, depending on the needs.