Send fully customized emails linked to trees

  • Upload your details like company logo

  • Select or upload an email header

  • Send emails one by one or in bulk

Send fully customized emails

linked to trees

With this option you can create, in a few simple steps, custom emails that will be linked to newly planted trees. Every email will be linked to different and unique trees you have in your account; you decide how many trees you want to be linked per email. You can send emails one by one, or in batches by uploading an Excel list containing the email addresses. Of course we offer the option to send a test mail to yourself. Please note that we do not store your customer email addresses in our system because of security reasons.

Step by step


1. Enter your company information

In this step you can enter all your brand details, like company logo, and website address that will be linked to the trees and will be visible in TreeTracker.


2. Customize the email text

The text of the email is fully customisable; you can also add [name] fields in the email in order to make the emails more personal.


3. Beautify your email

EcoMatcher provides a library of header images you can choose from, and that will be placed at the top of email. You can also create your own image header and upload in this step.


4. Select your recipients

You can send emails linked to trees one by one, or you can upload an Excel spreadsheet containing multiple email addresses and send in bulk. You can also opt to send a test email.


5. Review and send

In this last step you will be able to verify whether everything is correct, the email looks good, text is correct, etc. We will check if you have sufficient trees in your account, and if that is the case, you can opt to press SEND and your emails will be sent.

How does it work?

When someone (“tree recipient” or “recipient”) gets gifted a tree by email, they will see a button at the bottom of the email. When the recipient clicks the button, they will be directed first to a landing page.


The landing page offers the recipient a number of options:

  • Virtually travel to the tree and learn more about the tree and planter;
  • Register the tree under the recipient’s account;
  • Name the tree;
  • Download a tree certificate.


The default language of the landing page is English, but EcoMatcher also offers numerous other languages, including Spanish and Chinese.