Frequently asked questions

Who Are We?

EcoMatcher is a B-Corp Certified Social Enterprise that serves as a platform that allows companies to improve  their businesses while helping to tackle climate change in a clear, transparent and accountable way.


Through EcoMatcher, companies can plant trees and utilise them in innovative ways, from gifting trees as part of customer loyalty programs, to providing them as employee perks for engagement or even adding them as a reward for the completion of surveys. The possibilities are endless.

Whether it is the global rise in temperature, the shrinking of ice sheets or the rise in sea levels around the world, there is plenty of evidence that climate change is well and truly upon us. As the lungs of the planet, the planting of trees can be beneficial to both people and the environment.


Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, making them one of the best ways to slow or even reverse the greenhouse effect. Forests also provide a habitat for biodiversity, serving as a home for birds and other wildlife.


At EcoMatcher, there is emphasis as well on the social and economic impact tree planting can have on societies, partnering with foundations with a focus on long-term and sustainable empowerment and development on local communities. Trees can also provide erosion control, watershed retention, soil fertility, and shade.

EcoMatcher partners with carefully selected and vetted tree planting organisations from around the world, currently planting trees  in Indonesia, the Philippines and Uganda. EcoMatcher’s ambition is to have 50 tree planting partners by 2021.

How Does It Work?

EcoMatcher works with foundations specialised in tree planting, ensuring that trees are planted. Those foundations provide farmers with high quality seedlings; farmers plant the seedlings on their land. Your donation finances the growth of the seedlings, the transportation of the seedlings to the farmers and the livelihood and education of the farmers. The farmers who take care of the trees will own the trees, and your funding will also allow them to reap the benefits that the trees may offer to their community.

There is a minimum order (MOQ) of 10 trees per purchase.

Each tree costs $3.49 USD. If you decide to plant a forest with a minimum of 1000 trees, that will cost USD 3290.00 for 1000 trees.

EcoMatcher adopts a three-pronged approach to help facilitate a transparent tree planting process – with the TreeCorder, TreeManager and TreeTracker applications each assisting different stakeholders, from the farmers of partnering tree planting foundations to the end user clients and employees receiving the trees.


Firstly, TreeCorder provides farmers with a easy-to-use mobile application to record down information of each tree they plant, from the precise location of the tree, date of planting, a photo of the tree and other details.


Businesses or individuals can then purchase these trees through EcoMatcher’s website, adding trees to their TreeManager account. Through the TreeManager, a suite of tools is made available, from customisable TreeCards to API integration to enhance the digital gifting process.

Finally, tree recipients can utilise the TreeTracker, a web application using satellite maps, to monitor their tree, and read up on details about the tree, from information about the species, its growth potential, as well as who planted it and when it was planted.

Are We Trustworthy And Sustainable?

Farmers are carefully selected by the foundations with whom we partner. Like the foundations that sign a contractual agreement with EcoMatcher, the farmers also sign an agreement with the foundation promising that they will take good care of the trees. This will also be in their best interest; as the trees will help improve the condition of their soil, which can be used to grow other crops they can sell. Foundations will make it a point to regularly check upon the trees.

Details of every tree we plant is captured using a special app we developed called TreeCorder.


Each tree will be recorded with it’s individual photo, GPS location, date of planting, species and even the farmer which it was planted by, as EcoMatcher seeks to bring full transparency to the tree planting process. Find out more details above at How Does It Work?

EcoMatcher’s objective is to plant a billion trees by 2023. In the age of social media, a lack of credibility would easily expose us long before we achieve that.


Thus, every step in our way of working has been carefully designed – from our vetting process for partnering foundations, to the technology of our platform. We can ensure you that we have done and will continue doing the utmost to be a transparent, accountable and trustworthy partner.


To further prove this, we are currently in discussion with a global auditing firm to audit our processes. Also we will keep on evaluating new technologies so as to improve our value proposition.

EcoMatcher understands that the quality of our tree planting partners is one of the key pillars of success. We have developed a vetting process to help ensure that the tree planting organisations we partner are genuine and sustainable.


The vetting process consists of:

1. Questionnaire, see here;

2. On site visits by the EcoMatcher team;

3. Signing of a contractual agreement.

How Can You Collaborate With EcoMatcher?

EcoMatcher’s Channel Partner program enables certified Partners to offer trees to their clients and use EcoMatcher’s digital platform to fully customise the tree offerings for their clients.


As Partner, you will be able to make margin on every tree sold. As EcoMatcher’s products (trees!) and services are all digital, you are not confronted with customisation, shipping and storage costs, all significant and polluting in case of physical products.
Find out more about how you can collaborate as a Channel Partner here!

A great and easy way is to offer trees to your online customers as they check out, who can decide to add trees to their purchase. It is an opportunity to increase your profit and revenue, and your customers will appreciate the opportunity to contribute to a better world. Once the tree purchase has been made, your customer will receive details about the trees purchased and virtually travel to their trees immediately. EcoMatcher offers API to make this integration easy and seamless.

Get access to our TreeManager and its whole suite of digital gifting tools simply by creating an account and purchasing trees from the EcoMatcher website. Through our platform, you can easily monitor your existing inventory of trees, and choose from numerous options of what you can do with them – from generating customisable TreeCards, to API integration with your own email marketing system.

Depending on what purpose you might have for the trees, whether it is for customer loyalty programs, employee engagement or corporate gifting, the possibilities are endless. Find out how you can make your first purchase here!

We have defined criteria guidelines for accepting tree planting organisations to the EcoMatcher platform:

  • Your organisation must be active in tree planting.
  • A track record of at least 3 years is required.
  • You must use EcoMatcher’s TreeCorder App for recording of tree and farmer details. We can help and advise you how to do that. It is simple!
  • How many trees would you be able to offer? We would need this to understand how ‘scalable’ your business is.
  • In order to fully make use of the platform, we will need some digital media from your organization such as high-resolution logos, photos and videos.
  • If you would you like to be listed with your cause, please contact us at:


Find out more about how you can be our tree planting partner here!