An evening with the Hong Kong University (HKU)

EcoMatcher was invited to host an evening with all master students of the Corporate Environmental Governance programme, part of the Social Science faculty of the Hong Kong University (HKU). This program, lead by Dr Margaret Burnett, bridges the gap between theory and practice in the field of sustainability practitioners and researchers.

To set the stage, EcoMatcher presented a number of societal mega-trends, such as the fact that there are in general low levels of trust in companies, that consumers would like to see from companies higher level of transparencies in communicating their social and environmental performance, a thirst for purpose and the rise of the “aspirational” consumer.

After a deep dive on EcoMatcher, its purpose, strategy and offerings, a number of breakout sessions revealed some interesting perspectives and great ideas for EcoMatcher. Finally, EcoMatcher shared some sustainability start up learnings.

Thank you Margaret and your students for an inspiring and insightful evening.

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