Corporate Gifting Re-Invented

Premium gifts have been given out as a reminder of a company and a marketing tool for the company’s brand to make a lasting presence. Often designed with a company’s logo and/or slogan, they run the line from caps, t-shirts, mugs, pencils, magnets, keychains, bags, penholders, paper weights… and the list goes on. Imagine the environmental impact that these products must have … And are they really necessary? 


Instead of giving a plastic pen, EcoMatcher offers companies the possibility of giving their customers a newly planted tree. The customer would receive an email with a link showing where the tree has been planted on the customer’s behalf and the farmer who is taking care of the tree. The customers can share the experience through social media, which would give the company a marketing boost. No plastics, no tool expenses, no physical stock and no transportation costs.

An example of how such customised email could look like:

First of all, thank you for all your support!
As a token of our appreciation, we adopted a newly planted tree on your behalf.
Here is an unique link to your tree: [link]*.
Trees are considered the lungs of the world and help to reduce global warming.
In some cultures new trees are considered to be a symbol of new life.
We hope you appreciate your new tree and look forward to serving you again in the future.

*[link] is an unique link to a newly adopted tree. The email can be customised in any way or form.




EcoMatcher hopes that its platform can help companies create a positive environmental impact while adding value to their brand.

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