3,000 trees donated at Hong Kong festival

FourEverGreen donates 3,000 trees at Hong Kong festival 

One of the world’s largest donations of trees to the general public



Hong Kong, 1st November 2017: FourEverGreen, a Hong Kong based hydroponic solutions company, has adopted 3,000 newly planted trees and will donate all of them to attendees of this year’s The Big Picnic – the biggest community festival in Hong Kong taking place on November 4.

The 3,000 trees have recently been planted in The Philippines by local farmers and can be tracked via CauseTracker, a web application developed by EcoMatcher – a sustainability focused technology company – using satellite mapping. The application allows tree recipients to know the location of their tree and the name of the farmer taking care of it.

Commenting on the largescale adoption and donation of trees, Annette Houlihan, Sales Director at FourEverGreen, said: “As one of the sponsors of The Big Picnic, we wanted to find a way to get festival-goers involved in planting trees, which is critical to combating climate change. Instead of gifting something frivolous, we decided that donating a newly planted tree would be much more meaningful. We partnered with EcoMatcher as they provide the right platform to find vetted tree planting foundations, as well as the technology enabling people to track their tree.”

Bas Fransen, CEO of EcoMatcher, added: “We are delighted and honoured to have been chosen as FourEverGreen’s partner for this important sustainability initiative. Tree adoption on this scale makes a significant contribution to addressing climate change, and the donation of all the trees to the general public is noteworthy on a global level. This is a proud moment for Hong Kong.”

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